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Put an end to Reacting - Protect your assets and Anticipate failures

Poorly maintained electrical equipment coupled with harsh ambient conditions and continuous production cycles can ultimately lead to catastrophic failures. These events cause disruptions and unnecessary equipment replacements and are typically far more expensive than the overall cost of a well-implemented maintenance program. Our team can help reduce your risk of unscheduled downtime by anticipating potential failures and proactively correcting issues on the spot.

  • Comprehensive Predictive Tests
  • Control Panel Inspection
  • IFR Heat Scan
  • Motor Loads and Overload Protection
  • Substation Transformers
  • Power Distribution Inspection
  • Substation Breakers
  • Accurate record keeping and reporting
  • Relay Compliance Testing (FRCC)
  • Survey Lighting Panels
  • Protection & Control Instrumentation
  • MCC - Switchgear Maintenance
  • IFR Heat Scan
  • Label all Power Distribution
  • Investigate Wire Size and Fuses
  • Control Panel Inspection
  • Check Motor Loads and Overload Protection
  • Power Distribution Inspection
  • Create a single line diagram
  • IFR Heat Scan

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